What is a Roleplay Reader®?

A Playbook® Roleplay Reader® is a new and exciting story and book format designed to be read aloud together by several readers in a family or group. It's an entertaining way to read a story, in a play-like manner, without memorization, props, or a stage. It's socially interactive and a lot of fun! Each reader chooses and becomes a character in the story and reads his or her part aloud with expression, meaning, and personality! This is what makes roleplay reading so much fun!

In a Roleplay Reader® story, each character’s dialogue appears in a different color to help readers easily identify their roles and follow along.There are also easier and harder roles in the story to choose from to accommodate people of different ages and read-aloud confidence allowing families, and all their children, to read aloud together. Stories are balanced for multiple roles and take about 20-30 minutes to read aloud together becoming a great alternative to watching TV shows.

How is it Read?

Each person reads aloud from his or her own copy of a printed or digital book or shares with another reader. Stories are designed 4-6 readers. However, if you have fewer readers than roles, one or more readers can simply take more than one role. If you have more readers than roles, then readers can share roles.

Bring your story and characters to life with creativity, and remember to have a great time! Reading a Roleplay Reader® story is a wonderful way to instill learning of a variety of important values and a love of reading. Special cues appear with text to help readers with expression and emotion.Playbooks® Roleplay Reader® stories have valuable content and are designed to be read again and again making them an important addition to your library of books!

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